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I've spent the last three months getting to know this guy. It's been a beautiful journey. Messy. Imperfect. Full of discovery...and so much love. But uniquely us. And I love that. Everyone has stories about how having a child changed them. The story of their child's birth...or of the first couple months of their lives as one transitions from being someone's daughter to being someone's mother. I always listened to those stories with one finger in my ear and singing "laalalala" because part of the joy for me is the evolution from naivete. I like the idea of letting a season of life just swallow you. No instruction manual or fair warning. You're forced to embrace it and really live it. Soak it up. So I won't tell you all about how you'll feel when you have a child or how your world will change, but I read this in one of Anne Lamott's books along the way, "...but there are places in your heart that you really don't know exist until you love a child." It's true for me. Discovering those parts of my heart has been an adventure like no other. I feel so blessed and so thankful.

I've been working on a new blog since early January and was hoping to make this post in that new space, but life is happening -- and the blog is slowly coming together. More on that soon. I also spent these past few months making albums happen for my couples from 2013. I documented some of those beauties before sending them out and I'll share them on the blog later this week along with a recent feature on a wedding blog and a couple new shoots. 

If you're still with me over here after that two month blogging hiatus...thank you. It's good to be back.





No words to describe.

Amos Milo Thomas. He came to us on December 10th. With ten fingers and ten toes. And so much wonder.

So so so blessed.



Heather and Garrett were married in a tiny town on the water called Swansboro. It's the happiest little place. A couple blocks make up the downtown and it's complete with all the necessities..a deli, a diner, a couple convenient stores, and the kindest people. Nothing over the top. Just enough. And, truly, Heather and Garrett live their lives with a similar philosophy. Two of the most down to earth people I have had the opportunity to get to know. And their wedding was a refelction of just that. Two people simply in love. Celebrating in Grandma's backyard. A yard that saw Garrett grow up and then marry the love of his life. 

Heather and Garrett's wedding day was just "them." Superheroes in the boutinerres...salt and peper shakers from Heather's age old collection dotting the tables, wild flowers and simple dresses. No wedding-day-have-tos. Just "them." Heather happens to be an incredibly talented designer and she crafted all the paper goods and signs you'll see in the photos. You can check out her stuff right here.

I love a gray day. Especially one that ends with a tiny bit of sunshine. So thankful to have met Heather and Garrett and to have had the opportunity to document so much that is good.