jamie and eleanor...

Finally!! Jamie and Eleanor and I had to reschedule twice due to grumpy weather...third time is a charm! This is what we had to work with on our third try:         

So thanks to the weather's cooperation I got the priviledge of photographing a wonderful couple! I think this was the shortest session I have ever done...I got the same amount of pictures in half the time. When I got home I couldn't believe how fast we were! Jamie and Eleanor were naturals--I'm not even sure that they were naturals at being photographed as much as they were naturals at being with each other. They were both so comfortable with themselves and with enjoying each other's presence. This makes taking pictures so easy...because it feels more like documenting two people's lives rather than documenting a day in which you make two people do tons of awkward poses. Jamie is so thoughtful and kind and Eleanor is down to earth and confident. They are interested in so many different things...you two will never get bored being together forever! Check out some of the shots I got. Let me know what you think!

i like the relaxed, warm, happy feel in this one [above]

double whammy--they both have great eyes!

 woo wooo


 i like all the geomoetry in this shot. all the lines and squares...

i couldn't decide between these two--above and below! i love the way they are standing in the one below.

i think this is my favorite from the session! i love it...and how about the pipes!? I feel like mario and luigi use those to warp to level 8.

 their shirts with the grass are a killer combo. i love them...and if you look really hard you can see one tiny yellow flower hiding.

i didn't realize until just now but i also love this one. second favorite i think.

 you guys were unbelievable! thanks for being so easy and enjoyable! i can't wait for your wedding!