allyson and will - engagements

Allyson and Will's engagement session started off at Latta Arcade (not the kind with ski ball and Street Fighter) which, thanks to Will, I recently found out is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Charlotte at 96 years old! We ventured into this building expecting to snap just a few shots but we ended up staying for a bit after we asked Grady, the resident shoe-shiner, if we could borrow his shoe-shinin'-chairs for a minute. He graciously allowed us access to his station for free and he proceeded to offer some free wisdom too! When he realized that we were taking engagement pictures Grady began to tell us about his lovely wife and their marriage of 54 years and he imparted this on Will, "Whatever you're doing to keep her now...plan on doing that times 10 for the rest of your life." I love it. You'll see a shout out shot to Grady below in his charming chairs. 

We spent most of our time downtown because Will grew up in Charlotte (which I'm finding is a pretty rare occurrence) and wanted to capture some Charlotteness in their pictures. I hope you guys enjoy them!