Sofia is the happiest little small fry!

When I find myself sitting on the floor opposite a toddler with a mom on one side singing the ABC's and a dad on the other waving around an Elmo with the most giant smiles slapped on their faces, the question that always pops into my head is "how did they get to be so good at this so fast?" I am forever quizing the parents that I get to meet about their lives pre-baby and post-baby. The pressure is on -- If we have a child I better be a really good parent after having all these opportunities to hear about different sleep schedules and parenting books and ways to make your child bust a gut. Joe and Erica didn't get to escape the questioning. I loved hearing them talk about how Sofia has been such a blessing and how their world is so different and wodnerful now that she is in it! They said she was just born content...but it was amazing to watch how "ok" she was with everything. She never made a peep. Just scoped everything out while looking like a million bucks in her tu-tus! See for yourself!